Boost Project Management with Projectopia Addons

Boost Project Management with Projectopia Addons

If you have landed in this article we are sure that you want to boost the Projectopia WordPress Project Management Tool using its Projectopia Addons. 

A single plugin can’t include all the features that the user requires sometimes. In this case, the user can use the addons to include all the features that are not already included in the plugin. 

The Projectopia Integrations allows its users to add clients, generate reports, pay invoices via 2checkout, track bugs, keep track of total time spent and perform many more other tasks. All these works can be done within a couple of steps using the powerful 12 Addons bundle of Project Management Plugin. 

The Projectopia Addons includes all the integration options at a discount price. The addons are economic, professional, easy to use, effective and best to add additional features as per your own requirements. Now without wasting any time let’s know about the Projectopia Addons and their features to boost the management of your project. 

Project Management with Projectopia Addons

Projectopia Addons Bundle consists of Projectopia Core+ which is suitable for different agencies, freelancers, mid-sized companies and many other businesses. Let’s know about Projectopia Addons in detail. 

1. WooCommerce Add-On 

WooCommerce Add-On is one of the best Projectopia Addons that enables you to add clients and generate the project from the pre-defined task following successful orders through WooCommerce. This Project Management Plugin’s integration checks if the email address on the order is already in the system as a PTO client or not. 

It costs $29. Moreover, you can reach out to the professional support team if you have any kind of confusion while using this addon. 

2. Reporting Add-On

Reporting Add-On
Reporting Add-On

Reporting Add-On is a Project Management Tool’s Addon that lets you create professional and systematic reports from the core data of Projectopia Plugin. The prepared reports can be displayed on the screen or exported in various formats like PDF, CSV, Excel, Print, Copy as per the user’s requirements. 

This addon has been designed in such a way that it is easy to use and simple to set up. Almost everything of this Projectopia Addon can be run through a single page. 

It costs $19. You can also change the item per page, and export the report in different formats by clicking on the export button.

3. Subscription Add-On 

Subscription Add-On
Subscription Add-On

Subscription Add-On is an amazing Projectopia Addons that enables the owner of the project to sign up the clients to recurring payment plans/subscriptions via PayPal and Stripe. Find it in the API/External Services tab of the settings. 

Users require Projectopia Core V5 or higher to be able to use this Projectopia Integration. 

The configuration of this integration can be found on the Projectopia Admin Settings page, under the subscription tabs. 

However, it doesn’t support two checkouts as a subscription payment method at a time period. You can get the Subscription Addon for $24 to boost your project. 

4. 2Checkout Add-On 

2Checkout Add-On is a feature enriched Projectopia Addons that enables your clients and customers to pay invoices through 2Checkout. 

As it costs just $15, its price is reasonable and its feature is great. So, what are you waiting for? Get this add-on to boost your project right away!

5. Bug Tracker Add-On 

Bug Tracker Add-On is a useful Projectopia Addons that enables the client and team members to add and track bugs in projects within the CPQIM. The bug trackers are similar to support tickets in the case of functionality. But, in this case, they are attached to a single project. 

The Bug is assigned to a team member who has “View Bugs” permission. It is then added to the project that the bug is assigned to. It can also be updated as per the requirement.

The Bug Tracker also provides file uploads on both the client and admin sides. This effective add-on will cost you just $24. 

6. Roles & Permissions Add-On 

Roles & Permissions Add-On allows you to add roles and permissions to existing team members to your Project Management Plugin. Using this addon, you can get access to a granular Role & Permission.

Along with adding roles and permissions you can choose between various item types like Invoice, Support and much more. You can also edit and delete the permissions that have been assigned to any role. 

This Projectopia Integration will cost you $49. It costs comparatively more expensive than other addons as its feature is one of the most important features of all Projectopia Addons. Moreover, if you have any sort of confusion while using this addon, you can reach out to the professional support team to find out the solution to your problem. 

7. Time Entries Add-On

Time Entries Add-On is an integration that allows you to keep track of the total time period that is invested while performing a task completely. Add the time manually or track the total time period using a timer. 

The developer has designed and developed this Projectopia Addons in the simplest way possible so that it can be used easily by both beginners and professionals. 

All you need to do is go to the task and manually add time in hours and minutes or add time with the help of a timer.  It costs $35. 

8. Custom Fields Add-On 

Custom Fields Add-On is a Projectopia’s Custom Fields Addon that enables you to add the custom field for your client in both backends as well as the client’s Dashboard. 

You can collect more information about your client profile that is relevant to the products and services that you have been offering in your project. Pay $19 and this addon is all yours. 

9. Suppliers & Expenses Add-On 

Project Management Plugin’s Suppliers & Expenses Add-On will allow you to add expenses and suppliers to Projectopia. It requires Projectopia Core v5.0.0 or higher. 

Not only the above-mentioned feature, but this Projectopia Addons will enable the permissions matrix for suppliers and expenses that will be added to the Roles & Permissions table within Projectopia. So, the Project owner can configure which roles can access suppliers and add expenses. 

It also has an authorisation section which makes this addon more secure to use. The team member needs to request permission from the admin or just those that are over a certain value. Get this addon for $19. 

10. Twilio Add-On 

Twilio Add-On is an addon that enables you to send SMS for Project alerts, Support Tickets and Client Updates after your project has been completed through the Projectopia Project Management Plugin. 

Manage the SMS notifications by checking the specific boxes to trigger SMS notifications to the clients for Projects, Quotes, Invoices and Support Tickets. 

It is designed and developed in the simplest way possible so that it will be suitable for all kinds of users. You can get this add on for just $19. 

11. Support Tickets Add-On 

Support Tickets Add-On is an amazing Projectopia Addons that allows you to use the support ticket system in Pojectopia – Project Management Plugin. It has been designed in the best so that it will be easy to use and set up the enriched features. 

Create, Edit and Delete Support tickets easily as per your own requirements. It has the option to add ticket status, ticket priority, ticket assignee, important files along with ticket messages. So, you can add them as per your own requirements. 

You can get this Projectopia Integration for $39. Reach out to the professional support team if you have any queries while using this addon. 

12. Kanban Board Add-On

Projectopia’s Kanban Board Addon is an amazing project management addon tool that enables you to visualize your work, limit the progress to be made in a work to maximize the output of the project. 

This add-on let you organize the task efficiency of your project in the most efficient and effective way. 

You just need to go to My Work>>Kaban Board, then start editing the tasks and subtasks as per your own requirements. Get this addon for $39. Make sure to reach out to the support team if you have any kind of confusion while using this addon. 

Wrapping Up: 

Projectopia is no doubt the best Project Management Tool available on the internet which will manage your project in the best possible way. But, adding and using Projectopia Addons will make the plugin even more powerful. 

Use these above mentioned Projectopia Addons that are trusted by thousands of individuals across the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Get these amazing tools and happy project making!

If you have used any of these addons before make sure to leave a comment about the addons in the comment section below so that our new users can know better about them. 

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