Projectopia Twilio Integration

Twilio integration with Projectopia allows you to send SMS for Project alerts, Support Tickets, and Client updates.


Upload the pto-twilio-integration-1.0.0.zip file through WordPress and install it as any other WordPress plugin and Activate the plugin.


Once installed you can begin with the Twilio SMS API configuration. From your Projectopia dashboard head on to the Settings Menu.

And then from Plugin Settings to Twilio Integration Menu.

Copy your Twilio Account SID, Auth Token, and Twilio Phone Number into the specified fields from the Twilio dashboard and check the Enable Twilio SMS Services box.

You can manage the SMS notifications by checking the specific boxes to trigger SMS notifications to clients for Projects, Quotes, Invoices, and Support Tickets.

  • Activate SMS notification for Projects

If this option an SMS notification is triggered when you send Project Messages and add new Contracts to clients.

  • Activate SMS notification for Quotes

If this option is selected an SMS is sent to the phone number when a new Quote is sent to the client or when Quote Messages are sent.

  • Activate SMS notification for Invoices

If this option is selected an SMS notification is sent when an invoice is sent to the client.

  • Activate SMS notification for Support Tickets

If this option is selected an SMS notification is sent when a support ticket is updated by Projectopia Admin. There will be no SMS when a client updates the ticket.

Note: The above mentioned Twilio SMS notifications are sent by Projectopia to client only ( one way process ) and does not capture reply by client via SMS

Below is a snap of the Twilio dashboard, you can find the Number, Balance, Account SID, and Auth Token.

If you use a Trial Twilio account, here is the link to upgrade to Paid Twilio Account.



Following is an example of SMS which was triggered when changes were made in Support Tickets and Client Alerts. Though the

Below is an example of Custom Client SMS Alert being sent from Projectopia Client Tab.

After selecting the Alert Level and writing the message, You can make the message be sent globally to all clients, which means each and every client of yours will be alerted with the message.

So, check Make this a global alert to send the message globally and also check the Also send SMS alert box to send this message as an SMS Message Alert.


NOTE: The phone number of the client must start with the country code. For example +12126712234 for United States, +447532696552 for United Kingdom and +917428730894 for Indian Number.

Introducing New Setup Wizard in Projectopia

Projectopia 4.3.2 has just introduced a new Setup Wizard for easy installation of the WordPress project management plugin. This makes the set-up process quite simple and less complex for the first time user.

Wizard – First Step

The following configurations can be easily made while setting-up the plugin.

Wizard – Setting Details.
  • Setup company details (name, emails, etc)
  • Setup Payment details (stripe, PayPal, 2co)
  • Integration with WooCommerce (and other addons)
  • Setup important options (such as invoice creation on contract acceptance etc).

Projectopia’s Setup wizard gives users a series of well-defined steps to configure the plugin settings with ease. The user can go back and forth while configuring the plugin via. the Previous and Next buttons respectively.

Along with the Setup Wizard feature, this new release has made a few bug fixes and a series of enhancements for rich user experience for our customers.

Projectopia has been the number one WordPress Project Management Plugin on Code Canyon and will continue to retain the trust of its customers and would release exciting features with every update.

Project Management Tools for Freelancers and Agencies

You are a freelancer and looking for a good project management software that suits your budget, is simpler to use and can be personalized for your needs.

Freelancing makes you your own boss and can earn you quite a money if you are loyal and committed to your work. Meeting tight deadlines, managing clients, keeping track of the different projects, maintaining a log of scheduled payments, etc. takes quite an effort and time.

You need something that can help you in managing the projects and makes sure you get paid on time. We’ve curated a list of the best available Project Management Software in the market that you must consider and make your buddy in the freelancing journey.

Make sure you try them all before settling with the one you feel comfortable with. No need to follow the chronology, choose the one that suits your work.

Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers and Agencies

1. Projectopia

Projectopia is a feature-packed plugin that gets you going in no time. It is the number one Project Management plugin available for WordPress.

It has a clean looking Dashboard with handy tools. It also has its theme if you want to start from scratch or you can use it with your existing theme without any hassle.

Projectopia is loved by many WordPress users because of its easy to use functionality and Project Handling capabilities. It has gained much appreciation and praise from the Envato community.
The plugin focuses on every aspect of Project Management be it Workflow Control, Role-based Task Assignments, Quotes & Estimates, Client Login, Project Notes, Calendar, Stripe & PayPal Payments, Client Support Ticket generation and much more.
You can try the project management tool demo with different account types, or get its Regular License for just $49. You also get the PHP code to play around with.

2. Trello

Trello is a free service that lets users work with an unlimited number of boards, lists, and cards. Trello has a Simple User Interface which makes you work easily with no distractions.

Trello is an awesome tool for project management and task management. Its visual Kanban boards are flexible, shareable, and let you pack a ton of detail into each card.

Free users can add one Power-Up per board. There are no restrictions on the number of people users can collaborate with the free version.

Make sure to Try Trello once and then you can get Trello Gold which is priced at $5 per month, or $45 per year.

3. Wrike

Wrike is another better competitor in this list. Wrike can help you manage your project, work with the team, manage deadlines, track dates, dependencies associated with projects, manage assignments and resources, and track time.

Wrike is an old player and highly trusted by its users. It has a 14-day free trial, later you can use it for $9.8 per month for each user.

It serves a platter of plans for every business size, Wrike is for domains like Project Managers, Content Writers, Creative Writers, Marketers, etc.

Wrike is popular among businesses, It has its reach of over 18,000 businesses worldwide. Market leaders like Google and L’Oreal are its clients.

4. Asana

Asana is another popular Project Management software used by many. With Asana you can manage your marketing, design, product, sales, operation, HR, IT, etc. team projects with ease.

Asana has a 1 month trial period which renews automatically, its premium costs $10.99 for 1 user per month, so make sure you are enjoying managing the tasks and take a decision thereafter.

Asana is made to handle both complex and simple tasks, it can work as a Shopping list or as a complex Gantt Chart. Asana can easily be integrated with MS Outlook and help in better information transfer in an organization.

5. Bonsai


Bonsai is a gift from heaven for freelancers, it has all the features and functions that freelancers look after. It has a simple-looking interface with no flashy jargon.

It can keep a log of Proposals, Contracts, Time-tracking, Invoices, Expenses, etc. It has a clean looking dashboard and makes you feel like home.

You can create multiple projects, draft a proposal, create a contract, also set a timer for a sent contract. Bonsai is light and can take care of all your freelancing needs.

To use its Premium Accounting & Tax Assistant add-on, you get a free 14-day trial and thereafter charged $19 a month in the Workflow plan.

6. Podio

Podio is another major Project Management software used by biggies in the market.

Podio has it all, It has a great looking interface, Kanban-style board, live chatting, tracking leads, building new products, or project delivery.

Collaboration is made easy with Podio which brings everyone on the same page.

Podio gives you the liberty to personalize and customize to suit your own unique process. Drag and drop to add/remove functionality.

You get a broad overview of your team’s progress or look dedicated to your responsibilities to get work done.

You can try Podio free for up to five employees, or get a basic starter for $9 a month for your team.

7. Thrive

Thrive is yet another Project Management software meant for freelancers and agencies.

Thrive has a wide variety of functionality and features to run a Project and meet those tight deadlines.

You get features like integrated To-Do List, Planner, Time Sheets for time tracking, Client Manager, Expenses Manager, Quotes Planner, Invoices Tracker, etc.

Thrive lets you assign hourly rates to work types so you can charge more for certain skills, and analyze billable and non-billable hours.

One-click invoicing saves time and helping you get paid faster. You can get a 30-day free trial or opt-in for a $19 solo or $20 team plan paid monthly per user.

8. ProProfs

ProProfs Project is a trusted name in the industry, this Project Management software is built to achieve with ease.

ProProfs makes it easy to assign tasks to keep the project on track and meet deadlines set.

ProProfs makes the work more engaging with easy access to To-Do lists, Calendar, and more information.

It also has an integrated chat feature with easy file and attachment sharing. Billing is easily managed and an invoice generated on time.

You can use it for free with up to 3 projects and 10 users, or purchase a Solopreneur plan for $19 a month.

These were some of the Project Management Software that you may like and use it to your benefit. Feel free to share what you think we may have missed out on and that needs to be on this list.

How to Choose the Right Project Management Software for Your Company

Project management solutions help businesses with every facet of running a project. From planning and scheduling, managing resources, controlling finances to generating reports, such software has got your back. Generally, these platforms help organizations increase the chances of their project’s success. According to Hive, 77% of high performing projects utilize project management software. 

But just like with anything else, you can only maximize the value of a project management solution if it fits your business needs. 

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Project Management Software

In a survey conducted by PWC, they found out that 50% of the reasons for project failures are attributed to missed deadlines, bad estimates, scope changes, and insufficient resources. The right project management platforms should be able to help you overcome the aforementioned problems and become more efficient.

But with tons of project management solutions in the market these days, finding the right one for your business can be intimidating. To help you in the process, below are some pointers you should keep in mind when shopping for one.

1. Assess your needs

To be able to find the right product, you should know what your business exactly needs first. Will you be using it for scheduling and planning? Do you need a tool to help you keep track of the progress of your projects? Do you need help in managing resources and improving the team’s communications and collaboration? Should your software need to have a reporting tool? Does the team who will use the platform consists of only a few members or is it a huge organization? Creating an inventory that reflects everything you’re looking for or need in a solution will help you narrow down your options and make your search for the right tool easier. The best software for project management should be able to meet your needs.

Project Management Software

2. Read software reviews

User reviews will give you an idea about what to expect on a product, both good and bad. Nowadays, customer reviews are available at your fingertips. Specifically, find information about the functionality, quality, ease of use, and support of the best project management software you found in the market. It would be better if the feedback is written within the past 12 months. Technology is fast-paced. Many things can change in a short period of time. Reviews made a year ago may not be relevant today anymore. Therefore, an online review of an old version of a particular product is basically useless. The feature that a reviewer likes or hates may have been changed since then.

3. Check the basics

The features of project management solutions may vary from one product to another. But they do share some common and important features, which you should check out when searching for a product to purchase. These features will help you become more efficient and effective in managing projects.

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Team communication and collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Project budgeting
  • Billing and quotes

Generally, a reliable platform should include tools that could help improve your project management workflow.

4. Test drive

A top project management software usually offers a free trial while other vendors allow short testing of their products. You can take advantage of these offers to avoid wasting money on the wrong product. You could try bringing together a small group of users from different departments of your company to take the product for a test drive. Ask for feedback from them. This way, you will know whether the product can meet the needs of your teams or not. What’s more, you can also make your team feel they were part of your business decision making. Apart from testing the features, also evaluate the vendor’s responsiveness. Do they respond to your queries and concerns immediately? Or does it take them days to send a response? A reliable vendor should be able to attend to your needs immediately so your operation won’t be interrupted.

5. Assess Onboarding Timeline

Evaluate on-boarding timelines before you finally sign up for your chosen project management software. Some of the things you should consider include the type and timeline for implementation, the amount of training the staff needs to go through, the role of team members, document migration, and integrations needed before getting started. In business, time is money. Meaning to say, a software that takes a long time to implement is also robbing you of possible income. 

Choose What’s Right For Your Business

No two project management application is exactly the same. Which is why it is important to take the selection process seriously. A small organization, for instance, will have different needs than a large enterprise with a huge team. Examining each software closely and asking the relevant and right questions is the key. Choose project management software tools that complement your team.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the platform’s usability and ease of implementation. If your staff can’t learn how to use the platform or at least the learning process takes too much time, then you’ll less likely benefit from it. Additionally, a solution that brings with it a clunky rollout and gives your team a headache will never be good. So choose wisely.

With the right software, you can streamline your project management process and deliver higher quality work. It can eliminate or at least minimize the problems that may arise when you use manual methods when managing projects.

How to Use your WordPress Website as Quote Builder with Projectopia?

When we talk about WordPress websites and the plugins that streamline the line of operations to be carried out with the website, we tend to limit our search. For most of the cases, it is about the plugin for payments, email integration, security, or maybe, SEO tracking. Hardly would any of us extend our search space, right? 

To everyone’s surprise, WordPress is a lot more than what we anticipate. In fact, there exists plugin, one of which you would never have heard of and the ones that might actually emerge advantageous from your viewpoint. One of these is the project management plugin, Projectopia. 

What Is Projectopia? 

In case, you are not sure about how Projectopia works or what it is, let us help you. This robust, easy to use and scalable project management plugin takes care of all the related needs. From adding clients to monitoring the work of every team member, it is a feature-packed plugin that enables business leaders to track the progress of a project, adhere to the timelines and ensure optimal execution of tasks. 

Further, you can ensure seamless communication with all that is part of assignment through this WP solution. It would not be wrong to state that it organizes end to end task of building projects from scratch. 

Sounds excellent right? 

It definitely is and to keep you apprised. Alongside this, the WP extension extends its support to creating Quotes. 

Wondering how? 

Projectopia – As a Quote Builder 

Projectopia WordPress Project Management Plugin allows business leaders to create project quotes and manage them with ease. In case you have a registered client and you are about to start working on a project, you would definitely need to pitch estimates and quotes. 

While this can be done manually but that is prone to error and difficult to track. With Projectopia, you can do the following: 


  • Add a New Quote: Kickstart your new project, outlining the entire workflow using its inbuilt forms. You can assign the estimate, the contact information of the client and the schedule of the project with an estimated completion date.


  • Add Tasks and Milestones: The plugin has an option where you can effectively add tasks to the quotes and also outline the milestones covered after the completion of the assigned tasks. 


  • Preview/Send Quotes: Using Projectopia, you can preview your already created estimates of quotes and when you are convinced, you can directly share it with a client over the platform.


  • Quote Forms: In case, you wish to give your clients the ease to ask for quotes from the front end, it has a feature that supports the creation of forms. Add fields, give a name to each and deploy it on the front end with this plugin. 


Final Word 

For organizations that tend to execute tasks on different projects, organizing every step and tracking the performance of the team might be worrisome. To automate the process of creating quotes and project estimates, Projectopia serves the best fit.

Improve your Project Management Workflow with Projectopia this Christmas – Here’s why.

Working on multiple tasks & you would need to keep track of all the information, both of your team and your client. Where following the manual approach might seem easy, it leads to several anomalies and data discrepancies. Often, manually tracking the progress of the project leads to errors and might cause heavy monetary losses. 

 In case, you too are still stuck in the age-old methods to manage the workflow of your business tasks, it’s time you gave a thought to it and decide to adopt a plugin. 

Yes, a plugin. Surely the price adjacent to the plugin you would have thought of purchasing, out reasoned your decision, the new of Projectopia offering a 20% discount might be of some help. 

This new year, gift your WordPress website a project management partner and scale your business operations with greater ease. 

Of course, you might have other options too, but the fact that Projectopia, along with being available at a slashed price, is one of the best project management tools, investing in the same would not be a wrong choice. 

If you are still wondering, let me help you out. 

Projectopia – End To End Project Management Partner

An excellent plugin designed to help WordPress owners keep track of all the workflow-related information, Projectopia is one that helps you stay on the same page, as that of your team and customers. 

The plugin incorporates an infrastructure where website owners can seamlessly connect and communicate with their team members, notify about the changes and track the progress of the project in a single click. 


  • An intuitive admin dashboard that displays all of the scheduled tasks, the completed ones and the ones in progress. 
  • A client dashboard that displays the quotes, assignments, tasks, and invoices. 
  • The plugin has a support ticket system where users can directly specify their problems, raise a ticket and get answered, with greater ease and precision
  • Admin can update their details and even customize their profiles by adding their photos in the dashboard.
  • Admin can add multiple users authorized to login to the dashboard. 
  • Users can make payments through the portal for the invoices via Stripe & Paypal.


Assign tasks to the team members, create customized profiles and stay informed on each and every activity taking place within the organization. Projectopia allows you to receive regular notifications on the start date of the project, the deadlines, and completion. Admin can also upload files and raise quotes for a particular project. All of this with single integration to your website. And how will you install it? 

How to Install Projectopia?

  • To start with the process, log in to the WordPress admin dashboard. 
  • Click on Settings -> Plugin and Add New. 
  • Here, search for Projectopia Plugin.
  • Install and activate it to start managing your WordPress projects on the go. 

Buy the plugin today to get a 20% discount and streamline all your WordPress project management needs in a single click with Projectopia. 

Streamline your Customer Support Tasks using WordPress itself – Here’s how.

The creation of WordPress websites might seem pretty easy and simple. And it is, given the range of themes, tools, and plugins, customizing a WordPress website doesn’t require technical support and guidance. But what if your customers seek support and guidance? How are you gonna help them and resolve their issues? 

Don’t worry, we have your back. Manually handling customer support tasks would be a bit arduous and hence we introduce the WordPress project management plugin, Projectopia. Well, it is obviously a project management plugin that drives seamless communication between the team and the clients. It also encompasses an efficient customer support desk. Meaning that you can adhere to the requests and tickets of your customers while managing your business operations on the go. 

Projectopia – How Does it Optimize Customer Support Operations?

An excellent WordPress Project Management Plugin, Projectopia helps WordPress website owners improve the task of customer support while improving the quality of services rendered and the pace at which issues are solved. 

Where answering the same issues to customers time and again sways off your patience, integrating this WordPress Project Management Plugin, automates the same and relives your job. What you can do is answer the question one and then turn it visible on the website. So, the next time, any user wants an answer to the same question, they can refer to the website. 

In case, users have a different issue and fail to find a significant solution for the same, the WordPress project management plugin, Projectopia allows the customers to raise support tickets. The presence of the Ajax file upload feature in the client dashboard gives them the ease to upload a ticket. The uploaded file can be any attachment that the customer wishes to share. As and when an issue arrives, the admin is notified about the same through an email. 

Upon receiving the email, the admin can further take steps to resolve the issue and send an email back to the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the solution, the ticket is closed and the status of the ticket is updated. In case, the solution isn’t satisfactory, the customer can share the problem in the same thread and the process continues. In a nutshell, customers will never have to wait and get their issues resolved in no time. 

Advanced Features

The ticket status is visible to both the admin and the client, giving them the ease to remain connected. Projectopia also supports the feature of opening hours where customers can select the time when they would want to receive the response. Customization ticket status options, ticket templates, and ticket submission forms are features of Projectopia that ease the task of customers when raising a ticket while ensuring that the system is automated to send reminders for every issue. 


So, if you are worried about the services rendered to the customers, you would not have to step out for your WordPress. Simply install the Projectopia plugin and there you are ready to streamline all of the customer support tasks using WordPress.

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