Best Way to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Want to know what Projectopia Plugin has to offer for your Marketing Agencies?

This is what the article is all about. Projectopia is not just a project management plugin and can offer you a lot of various expertise including the marketing agency!

So, if you too want to learn about what it has to offer for your agency, read the article till the end. Here, we’ll learn more about the plugin and the importance of Projectopia for marketing agencies, and its feature that will enhance your agencies

Marketing agencies are the independent companies around the world that provide their clients with the assistance on way to get more outreach to sell their products in targeted markets. These agencies not only help the startup businesses but also helps the companies to develop and reach out to more clients who have been in the market for the long run.

In general hiring, a marketing agency is the best cost-effective strategy for companies to improve sales and grow their business. 

Importance of Project Management for Marketing Agencies

So, how is Projectopia helpful for marketing agencies?

Running any kind of project or marketing strategy without a good marketing agency’s guidance will leave a direct negative impact on the business.

Following proper project management might increase your cost by 10-20%, but in the end, it will be worth it. 

If a marketing agency has proper project management, it will enable the team and client to have the proper communication about the project.

In fact, any marketing agency using project management methodology manages to maintain a proper budgeting strategy, fix schedules, meet deadlines, gain expected profit, and much more. 

Few importances of Project Management for Marketing Agencies are:

1. Managing Quality

Proper project management will enable marketing agencies to identify if the services or products offered to the clients are qualitative enough to meet the standardized requirements in a project.

Through good project management, you will be able to manage stakeholders’ requirements, tackle problems, maintain the best quality of the products/services, and much more. 

Moreover, it is necessary to figure out the necessary input and its possible output alongside considering the quality. Hence, managing the proper quality is a benefit that tops the list of proper project management. 

2. Realistic Project Planning

Marketing Agencies can excel in their job when the project planning is more realistic in nature. The planning made by the project manager should be able to figure out the solution to real-world problems. 

The project manager should broader his/her vision to achieve the goal by setting a realistic budget, time and plan.

In order to have realistic planning, one must make sure that there is proper communication to understand the agenda. Once the agenda is finalized task must be completed remaining inside the business objectives, rules, plans and policies. 

Projectopia is the right solution that ensures that you have realistic project planning.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

One of the main agendas of a marketing agency is to make sure that the customers’ satisfaction is fulfilled.

A proper project management plan will enable the website owner to analyze previous track records so that there will be an improvement in all sorts of future plans and actions. 

4. Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment is the process of aligning all stakeholders, internal and external in order to provide a fruitful result of the focused and committed work. All clients let their marketing agencies know about the objectives of their organization and the possible steps in achieving all of those goals. Only if there is the availability of proper project management this task can be done with ease. 

Proper project management is important in this part for aligning the given project in such a way that there is a proper connection between every aspect along with fulfilling the customer’s needs and requirements. 

5. Consistent Communication

Communication always plays a vital role when completing any kind of Project. In this case, project management makes sure that every detail is being shared on daily basis or on the completion of each task or estimated time period. 

Lack of proper communication leads to conflicts and confusion which will eventually cause the failure of the project. Marketing agencies must make sure that there is the right flow of information and make sure that the whole team shares a collective end goal and work together to achieve it. 

Now, as we already know the importance of Project Management for marketing agencies, it’s really important to select the right plugin which can fulfil all the necessary requirements. Almost every owner claims their WordPress Plugin to be the best one. In this case, you might have a dilemma while choosing a suitable WordPress plugin.  

Our active research team tested different Project Management WordPress plugins, checked the features & customization options, analyzed the user’s review, SEO, and compatibility and chose Projectopia WordPress Plugin for Marketing agencies. 

Let’s know about the plugin in more detail so that you’ll know why you should use Projectopia for marketing agencies: 

Projectopia – WordPress Project Management Plugin 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Projectopia Project Management Plugin

Projectopia is the best-selling WordPress Project Management Tool on CodeCanyon. This plugin will enable you in engulfing transparency with your clients by managing project requests and approval in the best way possible with its project request portal. It provides its users with the ease and flexibility to create project requests using the default template. Also, you can preview your project requests before sending them to your clients. 

Moreover, Projectopia for marketing agencies is the best option for marketing managers as it manages your project and client dashboard, quotes & estimates, custom fields, team members, invoices projects and support tickets in the best way possible. 

One of the best parts about using Proejctopia is that you get to use premium Add-Ons when you want to add enriched additional features to your website. The plugin enables you to carry out, handle and manage your project in the most systematic and organized way. Hence we can conclude that it is best to use Projectopia for marketing agencies.

Features of Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

As you have a clear understanding of the Projectopia WordPress Plugin, let’s get to know about the features of Projectopia that will be suitable for marketing agencies. 

1. Task Management, Status and Priority – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies need to make sure that the client’s projects are being carried out in the right way. Using the Projectopia plugin, marketing agencies can manage the task in just one go. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Task Management, Status and Priority

My Tasks section in Projectopia for marketing agencies will enable you to find out all the tasks that are assigned. Along with that, the users can also check the status. The tasks are performed in the right order based on the priorities that are set for certain tasks. 

Not only that, Projectopia Plugin enables you to add as many tasks as you want based on the nature of the projects. Also, you can view the task details like the title of the task, which project it belongs to, task assignee, task deadline and task progress. 

This plugin not only enables its users to add a normal task but also an Adhoc task. An Adhoc task is a kind of task that isn’t linked to any project. This feature is available for only Projectopia Users and Projectopia Admin. You can add both tasks and Adhoc tasks based on your own requirements.

2. Setting the Milestones – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Milestones are generally termed as the duration that showcases all the important achievements of the project. Projectopia can be a suitable Project Management plugin for the marketing agencies to set the milestones while a project is being run. 

Projectopia allows the marketing agencies to apply pre-defined milestone templates to both projects as well as quotes. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Setting the Milestones

Marketing agencies can add as many milestones as they want. Also, the milestones can be reordered, edited and deleted as per the requirement. 

3. Add Clients – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

A project has many clients. Sometimes, it is difficult for the project manager to keep a record of all the clients and make sure that they are included to see each and every milestone that is being achieved in a project. 

In this case, Projectopia can be suitable for marketing agencies as this Project management tool will enable its users to add as many clients as per the requirement of the project. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Add Clients

Projectopia’s Clients’ menu option will enable you to view all the clients that have been added by the marketing agencies. The best part is tha this plugin will enable you to edit or delete individual clients. 

Also, if you need to delete many clients at the same time, you can use the Bulk option. 

4. Create Invoice and Send it to Clients – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Project Management isn’t all about creating a new task or adding new projects. The marketing agencies also need to create invoices so that they can be sent to their clients. 

For those, of you who don’t know what an invoice is, an invoice is an on-account setup, which can be identified as a billing schedule. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Create an Invoice

Projectopia can be suitable for marketing agencies as it allows its users to create invoices in just a few clicks. These days many clients prefer invoices with a suitable format rather than the portal ones. Some clients may prefer a hard copy of the invoices. In this case, Projectopia enables you to create invoices in a PDF format. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Download PDF Invoice

Not only that, you can resend the invoice, send a reminder email, add payment, edit the due date and make much more changes to the invoice using the Projectopia – Project Management WordPress tool. 

Moreover, this plugin also enables the marketing agencies to create a recurring invoice for billing repetitive work, service or product sales to a client. Also, the marketing agencies can choose the option to receive payments in installations if required.  

5. Add New Project – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies decide to do the project management so that they can create multiple projects, work on them and track the progress accordingly. 

Adding the new project Marketing agencies will be able to view all ongoing/signed-off projects and work on them.  

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Add New Project

Projectopia WordPress Plugin can be the right fit for marketing agencies as it enables its users to add projects in one of three ways:

  • Manual Project Creation
  • Automatic Quote Conversion
  • Manual Quote Conversion

6. Previewing and Sending a Contract – Projectopia for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies need to make sure that there is proper communication between the clients and the project owner as a single confusion might bring a negative impact on the project. In order to make sure that everything is going in the right order making a contract and previewing it time and again is the most preferred option. 

Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies - Previewing and Sending a Contract

Creating a contract brings more transparency to the work. Projectopia provides its users with an option to preview the piece of a document before moving ahead with the process. After viewing the contract it is then sent to the client for acceptance before commencing the project.  

Wrapping Up

This is the end of our article on ‘Best Ways to Use Projectopia for Marketing Agencies’. If you are a marketing agency owner who is searching for the best way to manage a project, then this is just the right article for you. 

Also, you can get all the premium Projectopia Addons collections to add additional enriched features to this awesome project management tool. 

If you have any questions or confusion while going through this article, make sure to ask us about it in the comment section below. Make sure to use Projectopia for marketing agencies if you want to enrich your marketing features in the best possible way!

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