How to Use your WordPress Website as Quote Builder with Projectopia?


When we talk about WordPress websites and the plugins that streamline the line of operations to be carried out with the website, we tend to limit our search. For most of the cases, it is about the plugin for payments, email integration, security, or maybe, SEO tracking. Hardly would any of us extend our search space, right? 

To everyone’s surprise, WordPress is a lot more than what we anticipate. In fact, there exists plugin, one of which you would never have heard of and the ones that might actually emerge advantageous from your viewpoint. One of these is the project management plugin, Projectopia. 

What Is Projectopia?

In case, you are not sure about how Projectopia works or what it is, let us help you. This robust, easy to use and scalable project management plugin takes care of all the related needs. From adding clients to monitoring the work of every team member, it is a feature-packed plugin that enables business leaders to track the progress of a project, adhere to the timelines and ensure optimal execution of tasks. 

Further, you can ensure seamless communication with all that is part of assignment through this WP solution. It would not be wrong to state that it organizes end to end task of building projects from scratch. 

Sounds excellent right? 

It definitely is and to keep you apprised. Alongside this, the WP extension extends its support to creating Quotes. 

Wondering how? 

Projectopia – As a Quote Builder 

Projectopia WordPress Project Management Plugin allows business leaders to create project quotes and manage them with ease. In case you have a registered client and you are about to start working on a project, you would definitely need to pitch estimates and quotes. 

While this can be done manually but that is prone to error and difficult to track. With Projectopia, you can do the following: 

  • Add a New Quote:

    Kickstart your new project, outlining the entire workflow using its inbuilt forms. You can assign the estimate, the contact information of the client and the schedule of the project with an estimated completion date.

  • Add Tasks and Milestones:

    The plugin has an option where you can effectively add tasks to the quotes and also outline the milestones covered after the completion of the assigned tasks. 

  • Preview/Send Quotes:

    Using Projectopia, you can preview your already created estimates of quotes and when you are convinced, you can directly share it with a client over the platform.

  • Quote Forms:

    In case, you wish to give your clients the ease to ask for quotes from the front end, it has a feature that supports the creation of forms. Add fields, give a name to each and deploy it on the front end with this plugin. 

Final Word  For organizations that tend to execute tasks on different projects, organizing every step and tracking the performance of the team might be worrisome. To automate the process of creating quotes and project estimates, Projectopia serves the best fit.