Projectopia Suppliers & Expenses Add-On

This add-on for the Projectopia core plugin enables you to add suppliers and expenses within Projectopia.

The plugin requires Projectopia Core v5.0.0 or higher.

Getting Started

To install the plugin, first make sure you have Projectopia Core v5.0.0 or higher. Upload the zip file through WordPress and Activate the plugin.

To configure the plugin, go into the Projectopia Settings page and click on the Suppliers / Expenses tab. The settings only need to be completed if you require use of the expense admin authorisation feature, which allows you to require admin authorisation for expenses raised by team members and to set a value limit on expenses that require authorisation.

If you don’t need to use this feature then the plugin is ready to use out of the box.

The permissions matrix for Suppliers and Expenses will be added to the Roles & Permissions table within Projectopia, so that you can configure which roles can access suppliers and add expenses.


To start Adding expenses, you must first add a Supplier to link the expense to.

The suppliers’ admin page allows you to add address, name and contact details for your supplier. Fill these details in and click Update.

If your supplier charges Sales Tax such as VAT, you should enter the details in the sales tax section. This is important, as any expense raised on this supplier will look at this data to determine if to add sales tax to the expense.

If a supplier uses a different currency to your company, then it can be overridden by clicking the “Allow Currency to be Set Per Supplier” on the Your Company tab of the Projectopia settings.

Any expenses added to the supplier will also show in the admin page with a graph to illustrate monthly spending totals.

Once you have your supplier set up, you can begin to add expenses.


The Expenses section has two pages. The first shows expenses raised by the currently logged in user. There is also an Expense Admin page which is available to those who have been granted permission to view it. This page shows ALL expenses and will also be where expenses that are awaiting authorisation will be shown if the current user has permission to authorise expenses.

Expenses work in a comparable way to invoices in Projectopia core. First you should choose a supplier, and a project if you want to link the expense to a specific project.

Once updated, you can add the line items for the expense. This section will show sales tax based on whether or not the linked supplier has sales tax added.

If you have configured the plugin to require admin authorisation on expenses, the user will be prompted that they need to send the expense for authorisation, otherwise the expense will be marked as Live.


The plugin has a feature that can be activated which requires team members to request admin authorisation on expenses, or just those that are over a certain value. If this feature is active, the user raising the expense will be prompted to request authorisation.

This will send an email to any user who has permissions set to be able to authorise expenses and will provide a link for them to view the expense and authorise / decline it.

How does it tie in with Projectopia Core?

The plugin affects several parts of the core plugin. On the admin dashboard, it will add a new data set to the income graph that also shows expenses per month, so that you can see total profit per month at a glance.

It adds a metabox to the team member admin page that shows their expenses and a graph to see monthly spending.

Because expenses can be assigned to projects, it will show new metaboxes in each project that display linked expenses and will also add those expenses to the Project Financials table to show profit after expense deductions.