How to Report & Track Bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon

How to Report & Track Bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon?

If you are reading this article we are sure that you want to learn the easiest way to Report & Track Bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon. 

Being an owner who runs different projects, you definitely want to let your clients and team members add and track bugs without any hassle. Once you install the Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon, you’ll be able to display the meta box in each of your projects. The meta box will be displayed on both the clients and admin side which will list all the bugs that are assigned in that particular project. 

Not only that you can also provide a button on both the admin and client sides to raise a new bug against the project. The team members who have permission to view the bugs are assigned with the particular bug. Finally, it is added to the project the bug is assigned to.

In this article, we will teach you a simple step-by-step guide to report and track bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon but before that let’s know about the plugin and its addon in detail. 

Projectopia – Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Projectopia is the best-selling WordPress Project Management Tool on CodeCanyon. This plugin will help you run your business and/or project efficiently and effectively by providing almost every tool that you need to have proper communication with your client and team members. You can store all the information conveniently so that it can be easily accessible on your website so and when required. 

It’s not possible to include all the features inside a WordPress plugin. But it’s also not convenient if we don’t provide our customers with what they need to grow their business. In order to offer advanced functionalities and enriched features, Projectopia provides different premium addons. One such add-on is Bug Tracker Add-On. 

Bug Tracker Add-On by Projectopia


Bug Tracker Add-On for Projectopia is a core plugin that enables clients and team members to track as well as add the bugs in the project. It works in a similar way to support but in this case, they are attached to specific projects. You can make updates added with color-coded status changes. This addon also provides file uploads on both the client and admin sides. It will cost $24 and provide you with yearly support and updates. 

Report & Track Bugs with Bug Tracker Addon

We are sure by now you have enough knowledge about the Bug Tracker Addons and their features. So without any delay let’s go through the step-by-step guide to report and track bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon. 

Step 1: Install and Activate Projectopia Plugin

In order to use the Bug Tracker Addon first, you need to Install and Activate the Projectopia WordPress plugin. If you haven’t installed it already, make sure to install it!

You can find the plugin on the WordPress Repository or Official website. Download it directly from the site Dashboard. 

Follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install New WordPress Plugin’ if you have any kind of confusion while installing Projectopia plugin. 

Activate the plugin after the installation. 

Once you activate the plugin, the Projectopia section will appear on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. 

This is the end of the first step for Installing and Activating the Projectopia Plugin. 

Step 2: Add Bug Tracker Addon to Projectopia Plugin 

Projectopia plugin doesn’t include the feature to report and track bugs by default. So, you need to purchase and use the Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon to make your project much more effective. 

Step 2.1: Purchase Bug Tracker Addon 

  • First of all, go to Projectopia>>Add-Ons.
  • Now Hover over Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon and Select View Details
  • You’ll be provided with 3 different plans. 
  • Select the plan as per your requirement and click on the Purchase button. 
  • Make the changes as per the necessity then the add-on is ready to be used. 

Note: You can view all other add-ons offered by the plugin in detail to purchase the necessary one for your website. This saves your time in the payment process. Even if you buy in bulk or a single Addon at a time, the payment process will be the same!

Step 2.2: Activate Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon

Once you purchase the Bug Tracker Addon, you can see the zip file downloaded to the computer. In order to use it, you need to upload it to your website. 

  • First of all, go to Plugins>>Add New
  • Then Select the Upload Plugin option at the top of the page. 
  • Now, Upload the zip file of the addon 
  • Then select Install Now button.
  • Activate the Addon. 
  • After activating the addon, you’ll see its active status.

Step 3: Use Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon 

  • In order to configure the plugin go to Projectopia’s Setting Page. 
  • Now click on the Bug Tracker tab at the left sidebar of the page. 
  • The only settings required are for email templates. Moreover, it will already be completed upon activating the plugin.

Step 4: Purchase and Use Roles & Permissions Add-Ons 

  • Make sure to purchase and activate Roles & Permissions Add-Ons in the same way as Bug Tracker Addon. 
  • Go to Teams>>Roles & Permissions 
  • Now you can Add/Edit/Delete permissions assigned to any role. 

Step 5: Grant “View Bugs” Permissions

  • The Permissions matrix for the Bug Tracker Addon will be added to the Roles & Permissions table within Projectopia.
  • All you need to do is configure access suppliers and add expenses as per the roles and the opportunities they are provided with. 
  • Provide “View Bugs” permission to any role that you want to use the bug tracker.

The user can see and work on Bugs only if they are provided with  “View Bugs” permission. Moreover, they can be added to the project that the bug has been raised on.

Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article helped you to Report & Track Bugs with Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon. Following the steps is really easy. All you need to do is follow these steps without missing any of them. 

If you have any queries while following the aforementioned steps, make sure to ask it in the comments section below. If you have used Projectopia Bug Tracker Addon then feel free to share your experience with us!

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