How to Add Custom Fields in Projectopia

How to Add Custom Fields in Projectopia?

Do you want to learn the simplest way to add custom fields in Projectopia? Before beginning the process to add a custom field let’s know something about the custom field. A custom field is an interface where you can view, input, delete or change a value. Using a custom field you can add data and information to your WordPress posts and pages. 

Projectopia’s custom fields for a client allow you to collect more information about the clients. This information can be helpful for finding the relevant type of product or service that is offered. Similarly, the custom fields for task enables you to collect more information that is useful and necessary for your work. 

Moreover, Projectopia’s custom fields for invoice lets you add more information to your invoice. You can display more information above the line items in your invoices. Similarly, the custom fields for support ticket allows you to add input for collecting additional information relevant to the support system.

If you are reading this article right now then we are sure that you want to learn the easiest way to add custom fields in Projectopia Plugin. But before using Projectopia to add custom fields let’s know “Why should you use Projectopia to add custom fields?” 

Projectopia is the best selling Project Management Tool that is easy to use, set up and customize. Its custom field will make your task more effective by collecting necessary information about the project as well as the project’s clients. You can keep all of your information in one place, easily accessible and placed on your own WordPress website. 

Add Custom Field in Projectopia

Projectopia Project Management plugin allows you to add custom fields for clients, tasks, invoices and support tickets. Don’t worry to perform these tasks as both of the tasks are really simple and can be completed within a couple of minutes. 

Now without any further delay let’s proceed forward to learn the ways to add custom fields in Projectopia!

Add Custom Fields for Clients 

This section of the plugin allows you to collect detailed and useful information about the profile of the client. Let’s proceed toward the steps: 

Step 1: Install and Activate Projectopia Plugin

First of all, make sure to install the Proectopia Project Management Plugin on your website. 

You can find the plugin on the WordPress Repository or Official website. You can also simply download it from the site dashboard. 

Follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install New WordPress Plugin?’ if you’re having difficulty installing it. 

Activate the plugin after the installation. 

Once the plugin is activated, you can view the Projectopia section on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. 

Step 2: Purchase Custom Field Addon 

  • In order to purchase the Custom Field Addon proceed towards Projectopia>>Add-Ons option at the left sidebar of the Dashboard. 
  • Now, Hover over Projectopia Custom Fields
  • Then select View Details
  • You will be provided with three different premium plans, select the plan as per your own requirement. 
  • Make sure to fill in the information that is required then you have purchased the addon and it is ready to be used. 

Step 3: Add Custom Fields for Clients

The Custom Field Addon is one of the best Projectopia’s Premium Addons that will enable you to add a custom field for your client in backends as well as the client’s Dashboard. 

  • Go to Settings>>Custom Fields to create Custom Fields for Client Profile. 
  • Among 4 options on the dropdown menu, click on the Clients option. 
  • On the right side, you’ll get choices to fill the input. 
  • Click on the Text Field form displayed on the right side of the page. 
  • When you click on the option, it will appear in the content area. 
  • Hover over the Text Field form and you will see an Edit option. 
  • Now you’ll be able to add Label, Help Text, Class and Value.
  • Make changes in this section based on the information that you want to collect. 
  • Click on the Save button once you have made the changes. 
  • Similarly, make changes in Checkbox Group, Data Field, Header, Number, Radio Group, Select as per your own requirement.
  • You can also Edit these options if required.

Step 4: Edit a Client 

  • In order to collect the information proceed to the Clients option. 
  • Edit those clients only from whom you need to collect the information. 
  • Now you’ll be able to see the form inputs in the Custom Fields Metabox
  • In order to make it visible in the PTO clients Dashboard in the profile section check on the Frontend Checkboxes. 
  • Now finally your client will be able to enter the information in his/her profile. 

Moreover, you can add custom fields in the Tasks, Invoices and Support Tickets in a similar way as in the Clients. 

Wrapping Up: 

This is the end of our tutorial guide on ‘How to Add Custom Fields in Projectopia?’ We hope this article helped you to add custom fields in Projectopia in the simplest way. All you need to do is follow these steps without missing any of them. 

If you have any kind of confusion while adding the custom fields on clients, tasks, invoices or support tickets do let us know in the comment section below. 

Feel free to share your experience with us!

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