9 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins to Watch out in 2022


Are you looking for the Best WordPress Project Management Plugins for your business?

Project Management Involves a lot of work that needs to be organized for better productivity and for completing the project in the expected/set time period. In this article, we have discussed some of the best WordPress Project Management Plugins that you must definitely check out which will be helpful in your business/freelance journey.

Running a business or an agency involves a lot of planning, procedures, and requires clear communication within your team for meeting the project deadline and to bring perfect results.

This means you are involved in working with multiple members or teams to achieve the set goals and objectives. This can a bit of a hassle if it is not well organized or documented for future reference. So, In order to streamline the process and make things clear, you need to have a software/application which is able to handle these things smoothly. This type of specialized commercial software costs huge and it’s of no use if you are a single person or a small team.

If you are a freelancer or a small business that has less number of individuals then you probably can’t afford this expensive software and even if you can then it will be a waste of money to invest in such comprehensive software when you have other more suitable alternatives.

It will be so useful if small businesses and freelancers are able to manage their projects directly from their WordPress website. This now is possible by using plugins on your site.

“Technology and tools are useful and powerful when they are your servant and not your master.”
– Stephen Covey

Thanks to WordPress as it is so easy to use and comes with the feature like adding a plugin to increase its usability. Given the popularity of WordPress, developers too are interested in building useful stuff and WordPress Project Management Plugin is one of them. There are many useful and unique project management plugins for WordPress that you be aware of if you are looking for the best project management plugin for a WordPress website.

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins and Tools for WordPress in 2022



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - Projectopia

Projectopia is our first choice and we believe that it deserves the top spot. The plugin has been tried and tested by thousands of users and it has helped them manage and scale their business by providing the best project management tools with tons of useful features.

It has been the number one selling Project Management tool on CodeCanyon and is the preferred choice of anyone looking for a reliable project management plugin.

It is designed by keeping in mind the needs of freelancers and small businesses and includes features like Quote and Lead Forms, Online Payment Gateway Integration, Automated Invoicing, Tasks with Timers, Form Builder, Workflow Control, Client Dashboard, etc. Projectopia is a powerhouse and comes with these amazing features:

  • A nice workflow control area for moving around tasks, projects, and assigned roles.
  • Set project and milestones to better identify the completed achievements.
  • Dashboard Alerts for Quotes, Projects, Invoices, Tasks, and Support Tickets.
  • Create a Client Dashboard and Send Custom Dashboard Client Alerts and Download PDF Invoices
  • Add Team Members with different roles with member profiles, avatar settings and assign them tasks
  • Ability to raise admin and client tickets and assign ticket watchers also you can update the ticket status and priority.

The Regular License consists of all the essential tools and features required to manage a business whereas you can also opt for the Projectopia Ultimate Version and buy the Projectopia Core along with all its pro addons for Extended Functionality.


WP Project Manager

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is the second in our list as it is a simple but powerful project management tool to manage work efficiently. It is open-source and can compete with the bigger players. With this tool, you can create, organize, and assign tasks and to-do lists quickly and meet deadlines and get advanced insights into the task performed.

With this plugin meet deadlines more efficiently, make team collaboration effective, Get reports and insights about everything, Properly organize and track all projects.

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Some of its powerful features include:

  • Easy Team Discussion on each project so that everyone is on the same page
  • Gannt Chart to get an illustrated view of the project progress and the task status
  • View Task list to get a better perspective of the underlying project
  • Receive email notifications on important task actions and never missout on important points
  • Easy File Management with Google Drive Styled document manager for easy sharing.
  • Kanban Board to maximize workflow of the project management.



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - WP-Client

WP-Client is another client/customer management plugin for WordPress. The plugin is equipped for sending invoices, sharing files, sending messages, and logging business conversations with the clients. This is of great use when you have multiple clients and can want to manage them easily.

This plugin has many extensions that make the project management task quite simple. It has multiple customizations that you can seamlessly activate and deactivate its functions, modify the color, design, layout, and more. All in all, it is a great fit for those who have a large number of people to look after.


SP Project and Document Manager

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - Smarty Pants Plugin

SP Project and Document Manager is an easy to use Project Management Tool. Thought it is market as a Complete file management and document collaboration system. The plugin makes it super easy to upload, organize, and share project documents where you can manage, clients accounts, and more. Meaning you have complete control over the flow and information sharing. With this plugin, you can easily share docs and files remotely.

You can also add staff, suppliers, vendors, and partners. Its users at all levels can create projects according to the set permission parameters. It is a great tool if you are expanding your current business or thinking of growing the workforce.



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - freedcamp Freedcamp is an intelligent Project Management Tool that can help you manage tasks, build Kanban Boards, and other stuff and neatly organize them into a neat package. You can link WordPress and WooCommmerce to free camp via. Zapier. It can automate triggers and actions. It also calendar functionality to get an overview of the due items all in one place.

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It has been used by major tech giants like Google, PayPal, Apple, Deloitte, etc. So, you can expect better services. Some of the amazing features also include:

  • Set Milestone
  • Time Tracking Feature
  • Invoice Creation
  • Widget Board
  • Various 3rd Party Integrations
  • White Label for a Professional Look



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - Avaza Avaza is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. This advanced plugin will help you manage your business more efficiently. It comes with many advanced features like Resouce Scheduling, Time and Expense Tracking, Intelligent Quoting, and Invoicing. Avaza doesn’t have a direct WordPress Plugin you need to integrate it via. Zapier. Once integrated you are ready to create tasks, projects, add customers, and products directly from your WordPress.  Some of its amazing features include:

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Online Invoicing
  • Expense Management
  • Offers far more features than any project management tool
  • Categorize Projects and Tasks and link them to user groups
  • Invite collaborators to give their inputs
  • Create Project Templates
  • View Project Summaries



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - Panorama

With the Panorama Project Management Plugin, you can streamline your process and save time. It brings all the members on the same page to get a clear picture of what needs to be done at present and in the future. It visualizes the project process where clients and the team members get their own dashboard this gives them an overview of the project status and notifies them how close they are to the project completion.

It allows you to detail important projects factors including the project phases, project tasks, document/document status with key milestones and tracking, Basically, Panorama transforms the way businesses run projects allows you to standardize the process of the company.



Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - zephyr

Zephyr is a modern project management tool for WordPress that will help manage your projects and test efficiently and get the work done quickly. With this plugin, you can organize the project and get work done all while staying on track. You can also collaborate and do more by efficiently sharing and working together on projects and tasks.

It presents a clean and modern design without any junk. Create an unlimited number of projects and customize your interface with logos and colors that your company has. When you create a task it also includes complete details of each project, assigned users, mark tasks, and add deadlines. It also comes with an Android App for organizing and managing projects on the go by providing real-time data sync.


Task Manager Pro

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins - Task Manager Pro Task Manager Pro is a simple task management plugin for creating simple tasks and projects with team roles. This plugin does the job quite well by managing users, assigning groups, etc. It also has a ticket management module by which you can handle customer support messages offering you a lightweight solution for handling clients and customers.

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Some of its features include:

  • Project Creation
  • Assigning project/task to user/group
  • Update task with progress and status along with comments regularly
  • Multiple Language Supported
  • Show Project/task Count
  • Manage Tickets

Along with these features, a responsive form is also provided for creating tasks by adding task name, project assignment, label, estimated time, and view the progress.


These were some of the Best WordPress Project Management Plugins to Watch out for in 2022. Choose the one that suits your budget and that you think will be the perfect match for your needs. To know more about how you can manage clients and work efficiently in WordPress.