Subscriptions Add-On

We are currently in the process of updating our Documentation following a release. Please bear with us while we do so, and raise a ticket with any questions that you may have. Thank you.

The Projectopia Subscriptions Add-On requires either a Stripe account or a Paypal Business account that has Reference Transactions activated on the account.

Getting Started

To install the plugin, first make sure you have Projectopia Core v4.0.3 or higher. Upload the zip file through WordPress and Activate the plugin.


The configuration can be found in the Projectopia Admin Settings page, under the Subscriptions tab. The email templates here will already be populated with default values, but you can edit these if you wish.

You also need to configure a Payment Gateway which will be used to charge the client through Paypal or Stripe. You can find these in the API / External Services tab of the settings.

Subscriptions Add-On

The Subscriptions Add-On has two main modules; Subscription Plans and Subscriptions. Subscription plans are templates that can be used to base Subscriptions on. This allows you to modify a plan globally which will modify the line items on all subscriptions that are active on that plan. Subscription Plans can also be shown in the client dashboard so that clients can sign up to them as and when required.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are templates of line items that can be used when creating subscriptions. They work in a similar way to Invoices in the Projectopia Core plugin and contain Line Items that can be used in Subscriptions.

Subscription Plans can be shown on the Client Dashboard, allowing clients to sign up to displayed subscriptions at any time.

To get started in creating a Subscription Plan, hover over the Subscriptions link in the Projectopia admin menu and click Subscription Plans. Click Add New Subscription Plan.

Subscription Plans require the following to be entered –

  • Title
  • Description
  • Line Items
  • Gateway (This can be overriden in the Subscriptions)
  • Charge Frequency¬†(This can be overriden in the Subscriptions)

You can also optionally choose to show the plan on the Client Dashboard so that clients can subscribe to it themselves.

That’s it, you’re now ready to create a Subscription.


The Subscriptions part of the plugin is where the core functionality lies. To get started in creating a Subscription, hover over the Subscriptions link in the Projectopia admin menu and click Subscriptions Dashboard. Click Add New Subscription.

Fill in the Subscription Details on the right column to configure the subscription.

Client -> The Client and Client Contact that you want to assign the subscription to.
Payment Gateway -> The payment gateway that you want to use to bill the client.
Billing Frequency -> How often the client should be billed
Billing Dates -> The Start/End dates of the subscription. These can be left blank to begin charging right away and continue until the subscription is cancelled
Reminders -> These are email reminders that can be sent at set intervals before the charge will be taken.
Invoice Generation -> Choose whether or not to generate an invoice for every billing cycle.

Line Items

When you create a subscription you can either use a Subscription Plan (template), or add custom Line Items which will apply to only this subscription. The benefits of using a Subscription Plan are that you have a Global method of updating those line items, rather than having to go through each subscription to make changes in the future.

Choose which you want to use and enter line items.

Once you’re done, update the subscription.

Send the Subscription

Now you have you subscription configured you are ready to send it to your client. Click the Send subscription button to send an email to the client letting them know that a new subscription requires their attention.

The client will find the subscription in their dashboard, and will be able to take steps to activate the subscription.

Once they have activated the subscription, their details will be saved with the Payment Gateway and used to bill them at the intervals that you configured in the Subscription when you configured it.

Clients can also view invoices related to the subscription and manage the subscription in their dashboard.

That’s it! You’ve created your first subscription!



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