Troubleshooting Steps for Subscriptions Addon

Turn on debug

Please following the steps in the Debugging in WordPress documentation to enable WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG

Look into your error log to find any error that is related to subscriptions.


Fatal error relating to API keys

If you are seeing any fatal error related to API keys, please do the following

  1. Login to your payment gateway account and copy the keys again and paste in Projectopia’s payment gateway options.
  2. Check that you are pasting the API keys in the correct option!

Check your WP Cron

Please check whether your WP cron is running and without errors.

  1. Deactivate and Reactivate your plugin. This will ensure that the cron schedule is setup properly
  2. Install Advanced Cron manager plugin, so that you can check whether the cron schedule is running without errors.
  3. In version 1.0.8 you should find the cron schedule pto_check_subscriptions_invoices
    Trigger this cron manually to see if there is any error.
  4. In version 1.0.7 and below, you should find the cron schedule pto_check_recurring_invoices
    Trigger this cron manually to see if there is any error.
  5. These cron schedules are running every hour. Your subscription next charge will only be trigger if it falls within this period.
  6. The next charge time is in GMT. Therefore it may not be running if you are in different timezone. Please wait for a day to see if it works.

Testing with Stripe

If you are testing with Stripe, please get Stripe test API keys from your account.

  1. Click on the View Test Data slider button
  2. Go to Developers -> API Keys to get the test keys and apply in Projectopia Payment Gateways option.
  3. Test activating subscription with Stripe Test Credit Cards. We recommend testing with card number 4000002500003155
  4. Enter any valid Month and Year as well as zip code during activation.
  5. NOTE: You cannot test with your own credit card. Testing has to be done with Stripe Test Credit Cards.


Testing with PayPal

If you are testing with PayPal, please sign up with PayPal Developer to get business sandbox and personal sandbox account.

  1. Please refer to this PayPal Sandbox Accounts documentation for the details.
  2. Enter you business sandbox details in your Payment Gateway options.
  3. Test activating subscription only with your personal sandbox account details.

Contact Support

If you are still having problem troubleshooting, please kindly put up a support request using our support contact form.