Team Member Login & Dashboard

Team Members in Projectopia are able to access and manage their projects & Tasks (or whatever you have granted them access to in Roles & Permissions) from a restricted version of WP Admin. The login for team members is the same as the login page for clients and can be accessed at



TIP: You can rename the page title and URLs of the login page by going to the Pages section in WP Admin and editing the Client Login page. See Logging In for more information. Once they are logged in they will be redirected to their dashboard. We’ll run through the main dashboard page here. NOTE: This is what the dashboard would look like if the team member has full permissions to Projectopia. Admins are able to configure roles to restrict access to any part of the plugin.


Client Dashboard


  1. Income by Month – This section shows all income by month from invoices generated by the system. This section is available to roles who have access to the invoice system.
  2. My Active Projects – This section shows all active projects that are assigned to the team member (or ALL active projects in the case of Projectopia Admin or WP Admin team members).
  3. Pending Tasks – This section shows all pending tasks in all projects. Team members can see a more detailed table of tasks by going to the My Tasks page under the My Work admin menu link.
  4. Project Updates – This section shows updates from all active projects including who made the update, which project/task was updated, and at what date/time.
  5. Pending Quotes / Estimates – this section shows a list of all quotes that have been created but have not yet been accepted. It also shows quotes that have been raised by clients via the use of Quote Forms. This section is only shown to users who have access to the quotes system.
  6. Outstanding Invoices – This section shows all outstanding (unpaid) invoices with a status on whether the invoice is overdue. It is only available to users who have access to the Invoice system.