Roles & Permissions

By default, Team Member roles in Projectopia have access to their dashboard, their own tasks list, their own calendar, limited permissions in projects that have been assigned to them and limited permissions in tasks that have been assigned to them. Projectopia provides a granular Roles & Permissions matrix that allows an admin to create varied roles with extra permissions that can be assigned to new and existing Team Members.

For example, if you wanted a Team Member to be able to work on their own projects and tasks, but would also like them to access the support tickets feature, then you can create a role and assign it permissions to view and edit support tickets.this can then be assigned to the team member, giving them access to that part of the system.

To access the Roles & Permissions page, click the Roles & Permissions link under the Teams menu item in the Projectopia admin menu.

The Roles & Permissions matrix is separated by item type, eg. invoices / support tickets etc. Firstly, you create a role and once it is saved, there will be a new column in the permissions matrix for that new role, where you can assign permissions to it.

TIP: This matrix is for Team Members. You cannot control Client permissions here. The client role is built in and has fixed permissions.