Recurring Invoices

Projectopia allows you to create a recurring invoice for billing repetitive work, service or product sales to a client. For example, you could be doing monthly maintenance work for your client and you will be able to set a recurring invoice for this monthly maintenance work.



Note: This feature requires WP Cron to work, it will not work if your web hosting company blocks WP Cron.



Use the following steps to create a recurring invoice.


  1. Log in to your Projectopia dashboard
  2. Go to Clients
  3. Find the Client that you want to send a recurring invoice
  4. Click on Edit Client
  5. Scroll down to the recurring invoices metabox and you will find an Add recurring invoice button.
  6. You will be able to add the invoice items as well as choose the invoicing frequency.
    1. Once you are done creating, you can click on the Add Recurring Invoice button. You will see the entry in the Recurring Invoice metabox after it is created.
    2. If you have set a Tax in your Settings -> Your Company -> Sales Tax. This tax will be automatically applied to the invoice when the system creates it.
    3. When your system creates the invoice, it will automatically be sent to your client. This invoice will be listed under your Invoices table.


    NOTE: If you have selected the option -> Send the recurring invoices to the client on creation. It will not be sent immediately. This will only be sent by system when your WP-Cron is triggered. It is set to run once every hour. WP-Cron will only be triggered on page load.