Invoice Payment Reminders

Creating invoices and sending them is one thing, reminding them to initiate payments helps quicken the process. At times, it so happens that you have sent an invoice with no trace of payment.

Under such a situation or even in generic cases, sending reminders to your clients is an efficient way to stay in touch. Projectopia 4.1 has an excellent option where you can set the option of reminders. You can also edit them as required.

To do so:

  • Click on Settings
  • Move to the Invoices Tab
  • Move down to the option of Invoice Reminder Settings.

  • Projectopia offers three different options
      • Reminder after an invoice is sent
      • Reminder before the due date
      • Reminder after due date crosses
  • You can choose the number of days within which you wish to send the reminder
  • You can also set them as a high priority
  • Finally, click on save changes.

NOTE: The invoice reminders will require the use of WP Cron, which some hosts block access to. Please check that you have access to wp cron, otherwise these settings may not work properly.