HTML Email Template

The HTML Email Template feature allows you to wrap outgoing emails in an HTML Design. By default, mails are sent in HTML format but as text based emails. While functional, many prefer to brand their emails, so we introduced this feature to allow branding to be applied.

To add one to your site, first you need to obtain the code. Projectopia does not include HTML email templates but there are lots of places on Google where you can obtain free templates. Search for HTML Email Templates.

Once you have the code you can paste it into the HTML Email Markup field on the HTML Email Template tab in the Projectopia Settings.

You need to put two tags into your template, one for displaying the logo (uploaded on the “My Company” tab of the settings) and one for displaying the test content of the email. These tags are %%EMAIL_CONTENT%% and %%LOGO%%. Place these where you want those elements to appear and save the template.

You can also add custom CSS in the HTML Email Styles field that will be applied to your email template when emails are sent

TIP: If you want to use our HTML email template code, then you can copy it from the demo at and change the colours etc

Standard Email Example

HTML Template Email Example

TOP TIP: Don’t use Password123 as your password for anything. I mean, seriously…