Month: December 2019

Improve your Project Management Workflow with Projectopia this Christmas – Here’s why.

Working on multiple tasks & you would need to keep track of all the information, both of your team and your client. Where following the manual approach might seem easy, it leads to several anomalies and data discrepancies. Often, manually tracking the progress of the project leads to errors and might cause heavy monetary losses. 

 In case, you too are still stuck in the age-old methods to manage the workflow of your business tasks, it’s time you gave a thought to it and decide to adopt a plugin. 

Yes, a plugin. Surely the price adjacent to the plugin you would have thought of purchasing, out reasoned your decision, the new of Projectopia offering a 20% discount might be of some help. 

This new year, gift your WordPress website a project management partner and scale your business operations with greater ease. 

Of course, you might have other options too, but the fact that Projectopia, along with being available at a slashed price, is one of the best project management tools, investing in the same would not be a wrong choice. 

If you are still wondering, let me help you out. 

Projectopia – End To End Project Management Partner

An excellent plugin designed to help WordPress owners keep track of all the workflow-related information, Projectopia is one that helps you stay on the same page, as that of your team and customers. 

The plugin incorporates an infrastructure where website owners can seamlessly connect and communicate with their team members, notify about the changes and track the progress of the project in a single click. 


  • An intuitive admin dashboard that displays all of the scheduled tasks, the completed ones and the ones in progress. 
  • A client dashboard that displays the quotes, assignments, tasks, and invoices. 
  • The plugin has a support ticket system where users can directly specify their problems, raise a ticket and get answered, with greater ease and precision
  • Admin can update their details and even customize their profiles by adding their photos in the dashboard.
  • Admin can add multiple users authorized to login to the dashboard. 
  • Users can make payments through the portal for the invoices via Stripe & Paypal.


Assign tasks to the team members, create customized profiles and stay informed on each and every activity taking place within the organization. Projectopia allows you to receive regular notifications on the start date of the project, the deadlines, and completion. Admin can also upload files and raise quotes for a particular project. All of this with single integration to your website. And how will you install it? 

How to Install Projectopia?

  • To start with the process, log in to the WordPress admin dashboard. 
  • Click on Settings -> Plugin and Add New. 
  • Here, search for Projectopia Plugin.
  • Install and activate it to start managing your WordPress projects on the go. 

Buy the plugin today to get a 20% discount and streamline all your WordPress project management needs in a single click with Projectopia. 

Streamline your Customer Support Tasks using WordPress itself – Here’s how.

The creation of WordPress websites might seem pretty easy and simple. And it is, given the range of themes, tools, and plugins, customizing a WordPress website doesn’t require technical support and guidance. But what if your customers seek support and guidance? How are you gonna help them and resolve their issues? 

Don’t worry, we have your back. Manually handling customer support tasks would be a bit arduous and hence we introduce the WordPress project management plugin, Projectopia. Well, it is obviously a project management plugin that drives seamless communication between the team and the clients. It also encompasses an efficient customer support desk. Meaning that you can adhere to the requests and tickets of your customers while managing your business operations on the go. 

Projectopia – How Does it Optimize Customer Support Operations?

An excellent WordPress Project Management Plugin, Projectopia helps WordPress website owners improve the task of customer support while improving the quality of services rendered and the pace at which issues are solved. 

Where answering the same issues to customers time and again sways off your patience, integrating this WordPress Project Management Plugin, automates the same and relives your job. What you can do is answer the question one and then turn it visible on the website. So, the next time, any user wants an answer to the same question, they can refer to the website. 

In case, users have a different issue and fail to find a significant solution for the same, the WordPress project management plugin, Projectopia allows the customers to raise support tickets. The presence of the Ajax file upload feature in the client dashboard gives them the ease to upload a ticket. The uploaded file can be any attachment that the customer wishes to share. As and when an issue arrives, the admin is notified about the same through an email. 

Upon receiving the email, the admin can further take steps to resolve the issue and send an email back to the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the solution, the ticket is closed and the status of the ticket is updated. In case, the solution isn’t satisfactory, the customer can share the problem in the same thread and the process continues. In a nutshell, customers will never have to wait and get their issues resolved in no time. 

Advanced Features

The ticket status is visible to both the admin and the client, giving them the ease to remain connected. Projectopia also supports the feature of opening hours where customers can select the time when they would want to receive the response. Customization ticket status options, ticket templates, and ticket submission forms are features of Projectopia that ease the task of customers when raising a ticket while ensuring that the system is automated to send reminders for every issue. 


So, if you are worried about the services rendered to the customers, you would not have to step out for your WordPress. Simply install the Projectopia plugin and there you are ready to streamline all of the customer support tasks using WordPress.

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